Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

Like any other system in your place of business, regular commercial plumbing maintenance is important for keeping your plumbing systems in proper working order. Watertight Group offers your specialised commercial plumbing services and solutions that not only keep your plumbing systems in their optimal conditions but also help you stay ahead of potential issues. Studies show that routine professional maintenance keeps commercial plumbing systems working at 40% greater efficiency. We suggest getting your plumbing inspected and maintained once every year or more frequently based on the type of system and usage.

Timely and proper maintenance also allows our commercial plumbing repair plumbers to learn about the specific needs of your system. When you have scheduled and consistent maintenance service, it can bring down the chances of plumbing problems by almost 90%. At Watertight, we are driven by the goal to become the most sought-after plumbing maintenance contractor in Sydney. Explore the different types of plumbing maintenance services that we offer and their importance.

Backflow Prevention Device Maintenance Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

Backflow involves wastewater flowing backwards into pipes. If backflow occurs on your premises, the wastewater can be contaminated and has the potential to cause harm to the health of people working, living in, or visiting your property. The chances of backflow are higher in the following situations:

  • There is a drop in the pressure in the main, such as during the main break.
  • The water pressure has become greater than at the main. This may happen when there is a pump working on the site.

A cross-connection can cause contaminants to enter your drinking water system. Such a cross-connection may be caused due to faulty plumbing or hoses being submerged in tanks, pools, or buckets. The drinking water supply is typically protected using backflow prevention devices, preventing potential contaminants from getting into the drinking water supply system. Like any other system, your commercial plumbing maintenance service should also involve the inspection and maintenance of the Backflow Prevention Device.It is important to test the Backflow Prevention Device right after the installation and every year. At Watertight Group, we are an accredited backflow prevention device tester. These devices include springs, seals, and various moving parts that can wear out, get fatigued, or fail.

When it comes to keeping the waters healthy and protecting your people’s health, getting frequent backflow prevention device inspection (RPZ Valve) is essential. These are specially designed valves engineered for preventing the backflow of likely contaminated water into the water supply. Besides, you can trust the reliable backflow prevention testing services offered by us to Sydney businesses.

Zip Tap Installation & Maintenance Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

Zip Tap Installation is an excellent way to ensure everyone in your place of business has access to fresh, drinking water. Zip tap has a versatile design that allows us installation across single offices, large high-rise buildings, apartments, and other types of facilities. At Watertight, we provide complete maintenance services for these taps.

Some of the key benefits of Zip Taps are as follows:

  • The advanced filtration system provides instant access to fresh and filtered chilled, hot, or sparkling water.
  • Effective removal of harmful microplastics from drinking water.
  • Make it easier to drink more water and maintain daily hydration.
  • Remove any nasties including rust, chlorine, sediment, parasites, lead, and asbestos fibres from the water.
  • Since water boils instantly, there is no need for wasting time for the kettle to boil.
  • Higher energy efficiency for heating and cooling systems.

Zip Tap Filter Change Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

Commercial water filters have components that require regular replacement as part of commercial plumbing maintenance to ensure consistent and proper functioning. This is also important to keep the drinking water safe. At Watertight Group, we provide professional Zip Tap Filter Change and cleaning services for our commercial clients throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. The essential Zip tap maintenance requirements are as follows:

  • Ensuring the Zip tap and the undersink unit stay clean
  • Getting professional servicing on a regular basis
  • Getting regular Zip Tap Filter Change or whenever the tap shows signs that it needs to be changed

Billi Tap Installation Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

Billi offers a creative range of taps that stand out both functionally and aesthetically. With so much variation in design, we can help you find the perfect tap for your Billi Tap Installation project. Some of the key advantages of choosing Billi Taps are as follows:

  • Space: These products stand out for their compact and modern design. They allow you to use the under-counter space more creatively.
  • Performance: Billi systems can generate 90 to 250 cups of hot water per hour, which helps address the demands during peak hours.
  • Energy Efficiency: Billi taps feature innovative systems that harness heat energy from producing cool water, which is then used for heating water.

Billi Tap Filter Change Sydney, Canberra and the Gold Coast

It is important to regularly change the water filters to ensure your Billi taps deliver consistently on their performance and efficiency. Timely Billi Tap Filter Change ensures that your taps continuously provide healthy drinking water.

Billi filters require changing once every 12 months. This is important to ensure optimal performance. These filters are typically calibrated according to their capacity. If you have not received a Billi Tap Filter Change for some time, we suggest following this schedule to change it based on your water usage:

  • Over 1 month and over 970 litres of usage per day
  • Over 6 months and over 160 litres usage per day
  • Over 12 months

There are many more areas of commercial plumbing maintenance that we address as part of the routine inspection. We have 30 years of industry presence and many decades of combined experience. As mentioned above, it is important to ensure timely inspection, maintenance, and filter replacements to prevent expensive commercial plumbing Sydney repair situations from arising.

If you want to learn more about our commercial plumbing maintenance plans and services, feel free to contact us at 1300 745 758.

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