At Watertight we use CCTV when completing drain inspections

When it comes to getting to the root of the problem, Watertight Group goes the extra mile. For any drain inspection, Sydney businesses can rely on us to make innovative use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) pipe cameras to diagnose and find a solution; even for the most challenging of problems.

Drain cameras CCTV can also be used to perform plumbing inspections which we can use to review your entire drainage system to ensure there are no problem areas or potential future issues. We can also use it to check if installation is compliant or working properly. This is particularly important to ensure your property has a well-functioning plumbing system that you can rely on to continue to operate without unforeseen problems

Blocked drains

At Watertight we provide a closed circuit television pipe inspection camera to locate the cause of your blocked drain. This is state of the art and highly reliable at locating recurring blockages and giving a full plumbing inspection. If an issue is identified we will liaise with you to rectify any problem with minimal impact to yourself and the environment. Correct diagnosis of a problem with a sewerage system is crucial to getting fast and effective results – we understand this is not a problem you want to be recurring or long term for your business! Not only can we see the cause of the blockage, but can find the location, depth and degree of the damage or blockage in the pipes. This enables us to provide a complete drain inspection and develop a tailored solution more efficiently and replace broken or damaged pipes with a minimum of mess, charge and inconvenience.

Simply clearing a blocked drain or storm water pipe does not reveal the cause of the blockage. As part of a drain inspection, Sydney businesses should expect a high pressure water blast or electric eel be used to not only remove the obstruction but ensure that the problem won’t recur. Other plumbers lack these capabilities, but thanks to our drain cameras CCTV, we are able to offer a full solution with minimum fuss.

Non-invasive drain inspections are fast and the most cost efficient method of blockage treatment, especially when dealing with recurring blockages. We utilise the latest excavation and clearing technology, as well as leading camera and inspection equipment, to produce cost effective solutions. We guarantee that our highly qualified team will find an answer to your blockage issues. They love problem solving!

CCTV inspections can also assist in avoiding future problems as they can spot issues before they develop into something more serious. It can also a good idea before purchasing a significant property to thoroughly check the condition of the drains before you make the decision to invest. Watertight can certainly help you with this.

Using technology to save you money with your drain inspections

We use state of the art camera inspection equipment to determine the exact nature and cause of any blockage within your drainage system, without the need for costly excavation. Our flexible head cameras relay the CCTV information to LCD monitors, taking the guess work out of locating a blockage. Our drain cameras also contain a sensor that enables us to locate exactly where your drains are so we can map the layout of your drains. Once we have established your problem, we clear the blockage using a commercial high pressure water equipment that can cut through tree roots and clear blockages. As a result, excavation costs and times are greatly reduced, having only to excavate and repair the necessary sections, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. If things are really serious we can arrange excavation through conventional dig methods or non destructive dig methods with our in-house NDD.

We can even record colour images of your drain pipe or sewer straight to memory card and DVD so you have a copy for future reference!

First rate customer service for all drain inspections in Sydney

Our experienced team are focused on achieving high quality, lasting results, while keeping our competitive edge. At Watertight Group we are committed to first rate customer service and smarter, innovative methods. Our services around drain inspection, Sydney and greater Sydney areas, ensure that your drainage system continues to operate correctly and efficently.

Watertight Group’s specialised locating equipment combined with our highly experienced team proudly service the Sydney CBD, Greater Sydney areas, Illawarra region, ACT, Goulburn, Central Coast and other regional NSW areas.

Drain camera leak detection system means no more guesswork or unnecessary digging to locate your blocked drains. We can even record colour images of your drain pipe or sewer straight to memory card and DVD so you have a copy for future reference.

For more information or questions regarding drain cameras CCTV, please call the team at Watertight today on 1300 745 758.

“I had a chronic and recurring stormwater issue flowing down my driveway and flooding my garage for years. The whole front yard was affected. I was worried about my investment and how this would affect the site into the future. It was quite stressful. I had paid thousands to other plumbing companies and was frustrated that no one was really listening to me when I explained the problem and no one had properly diagnosed the problem. It was just too hard. I was at my wits end that this problem was unsolvable.

I contacted Watertight and they were fantastic. Watertight responded quickly, they turned up when they said they would, they listened, they asked questions, they properly diagnosed and explained the issue, explained pros and cons of possible solutions and they resolved it for me. They also gave me some extra tips on other issues they noticed. There was no pressure and they were professional and efficient. I would recommend Watertight to anyone.”

Steven Mathew, Investor


Canterbury Bankstown Business Chamber Corporate Member

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