Got blocked drains?

When it comes to blocked drains, Sydney and Gold Coast buildings and businesses have been relying on Watertight Group’s expertise for many years. Blocked drains are a common and annoying problem experienced at some stage in most homes and businesses. When it comes to finding a blocked drain plumber, Sydney and Gold Coast locals want locals familiar with the environment, climate, and what usually causes the drain problems. There are a number of reasons that drains will block and often the immediate symptom of the block is treated and not the underlying cause. Other plumbers will deal with the symptom, not the cause, but our team specialises in getting to the root of the problem. The most common causes of blockages are:

Foreign objects or debris

Choked or blocked drainage can occur when foreign objects or materials such as hair or soaps, fats or food build up and become caught between the drainpipe and the pipes that flow underneath. Initially the material may not fully block the drain, but over time materials will continue to collect which will prevent water from flowing freely and could eventually cause the drain to block. Toilets regularly block up due to too much toilet paper, sanitary items and even nappies being flushed down them.

Heavy rains or storms

Outside drains may become blocked after storms or heavy downpours collecting leaves, dirt and other matter that can build up and block drains. Blocked outside drains can cause flooding and damage to property.

Broken pipes

Another cause of blocked drains can be a broken pipe. If a pipe is broken the water cannot flow freely and it may collapse, causing the drain to block. The most common causes of broken pipes are poor installation, age and tree roots.

Water flow issues

Water doesn’t flow uphill and drainage is all about gravity. Incorrect pipe installation with inadequate falls could contribute to the build-up of particles and debris and could eventually result in blocked drains. It is vital that pipes are installed correctly to ensure adequate water flows. These include gurgling sounds after you flush a toilet, the water level in your sink or bath draining slowly, and bad smells from sinks or drains.

Some blockages can be easily cleared using a plunger; however, for properly dealing with blocked drains, Sydney locals should avoid treating the symptom, as it may not address the underlying causes of drain blockages. To really get to the bottom of what’s going on, and prevent any ongoing drainage problems or need to repair or lay drains, call Watertight now on 1300 745 758.


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