Water Filtration Systems

Isn’t it time for you to consider a water filtration system for your staff?

If you ask people in your business whether they’re happy drinking water directly from the tap, the majority will say yes. They might not know what chemicals and contaminants are present in the water or how localised factors such as outdated infrastructure or pollutant runoff can affect the overall quality, but they feel confident that whatever ends up in their glass is safe to drink.

That’s a problem. While the quality of drinking water in Australia is high by world standards, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be more vigilant when it comes to staying hydrated in the workplace. Not all chemicals found in drinking water are regulated by the states and standards and guidelines are constantly being updated to reflect our growing understanding of what can be considered safe levels.

Research has also shown that fluid loss levels as low as 1.36 percent can impair mood, concentration and memory while increasing chances of headaches and fatigue.

Facility managers play a crucial role in ensuring the users of their buildings have access to the purest, highest quality drinking water available. Call Watertight for a free quote on a water filtration system that suits your buildings requirements. PH 1300 745 758

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