Section 73

Thinking about developing your land? Maybe a new house, subdividing land or building residential apartments? You need to apply for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate before you start building on your land.

As part of your council’s development application process, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate access to Sydney Water services. Once you water servicing requirements are met you’ll be issued  with a section 73 Compliance Certificate.

What is a Section 73?

Developers need to engage a Water Service Coordinator from this list on Sydney Water’s website:

You need to think about your development’s water, wastewater and storm water needs as you may need to build or construct something to meet Sydney Waters’ servicing requirements. Once you engage a Water Service coordinator they can design up a plan that meets Sydney Waters requirements and then you can get in touch with us or any other provider on this list to facilitate the minor works:

Here is a link to the Sydney Water Provider list for minor works:

Watertight can then provide a quote to construct the works.

Watertight specialise in the following Minor Works services:

  • Water and sewer main extensions
  • Sewer sidelines
  • S73’s
  • Main to meter
  • Main Tap drilling
  • Water main and recycled main construction up to 300mm.

You can send any requests through directly to our office and we will promptly arrange a quote.

To help your planning, you can:

What you need to know about your water service application

Applications lodged with a water servicing coordinator:

  • A water service coordinator must manage the design and construction work using the list of authorised providers. You can continue to use the coordinator who lodged your application, or change to another coordinator.
  • You and your providers must sign a Developer Works Deed.
  • You must sign a Complex Works Agreement for more complex works.

Once the construction works are satisfactorily completed and inspected, Sydney Water take them over as part of their water system.

When you’ve meet all the other requirements, Sydney Water will either issue your Section 73 Compliance Certificate to:

  • your coordinator (if you used a water servicing coordinator)
  • you directly (if you used Sydney Water Developer Direct™).

You can then give the certificate to your council to satisfy their development consent condition.

Find out more about Section 73 Compliance Certificates.

Here is the list of Water Service Connection Drillers – we call this Main Tap Drilling.

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