One of the most common services that we’re called on to provide by households and businesses alike are our high pressure sewer jetting services. Obstructions in your sewer and drain lines are the single most common cause of residential and commercial drain line blockages, and these blockages can then result in flooding and water damage to your property – one that can smell absolutely horrible and lead to a drastic reduction in your quality of life. A regular sewer maintenance program that includes high pressure sewer jetting is a simple, efficient, and unobtrusive way to avoid any unexpected sewer back ups.

How high pressure sewer jetting works

Using a state-of-the-art water pressure unit, we are able to pressurize ordinary water, controlling and propelling it under high pressure into your drain or sewer line. Since we use ordinary water under pressure, water jetting is environmentally safe. Because we can use different nozzles and attachments, we not only control the cleaning process we can also direct the powerful streams of water to cut through the toughest blockages. By varying the water pressure and the volume of water we’re using we’re able to clean your sewer or drain line to “like new” condition.

Drains and pipes can easily become filled with all kinds of debris. Just for some examples of what our high pressure water jetting equipment is able to cut through (and what we’ve cleaned out from client’s pipes in the past):

  • Heavy roots
  • FOG (Fat, Oil, Grease)
  • Mud, sand and gravel
  • Hardened scale
  • Even some obstructions that would normally require digging or excavating!

The water used in powering the jetter washes away all the contaminants in the pipe, leaving you with a clean pipe which we then inspect using our CCTV, so you’ll be able to see the jetting results for yourself. Unlike other equipment, high pressure water jetting effectively scrubs the full diameter of your pipe washing all the debris away.

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Is water jetting worth it?

Water jetting, also known as sewer jetting, is a wise investment. This effective method will help ensure the longevity of your pipes and improve their efficiency.

Unsure if water jetting is necessary for the blockages in your pipes? We at Watertight specialise in water leak detection. We can perform a thorough plumbing leak detection assessment to determine whether water jetting is the appropriate solution.

Is water jetting safe for pipes?

High-pressure water jetting is undeniably powerful, making it an effective method in clearing out stubborn pipe blockages. Hiring a reputable provider with the right equipment, like Watertight Group, will ensure that your pipes don’t sustain damage during the water jetting process.

Is water jetting better than snaking?

In terms of power, yes. Water jetting is capable of clearing out a much wider range of pipe blockage than snaking. Water jetting is also more versatile, making it a popular choice for clearing commercial and industrial sewer lines, blocked with tree roots or heavy debris. Watertight Group’s pipe leak detection service can determine which of the two methods is more appropriate for your pipes.

Does water jetting work on roots?

Yes, water jetting is extremely effective on tree roots. A plumber will first use a camera to determine the location and severity of the root blockage. Then the highly pressurised water blast will break down the root so that it can be flushed out. If the root is deemed too solid, your plumber may first break it up with a snake before water jetting.

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Andrew W, Property Manager