Watertight has earned it’s reputation as a specialist in civil maintenance and water infrastructure projects. This is due to our continued delivery of high quality outcomes to a recurring client base, on time and on budget.

Our beliefs Quality, Agility, Innovation and Transparency are represented in all work we do. Our attention to detail in our civil projects and passion for getting it right the first time differentiates us in a competitive environment.

Water infrastructure

Watertight Civil specialise in:

  • Horizontal drilling and boring
  • Man hole alterations and installations
  • Pipebursting (conventional and trenchless)
  • Sewer and water main extensions and repairs
  • SlipLining
  • Temporary Water Main Installation
  • Underground fire service repairs
  • Water Connections
  • Water Main to Meter works
  • Water Meter renewals
  • Water Service Transfers

What is pipe bursting?

For more information on the civil projects Watertight can assist you with, please call us on 1300 745 758.


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