Case Study – Kinetic Water Ramming

Innovative ways of managing modern buildings with cost savings and environmental benefits – Kinetic Water Ramming

For one of our clients we couldn’t use traditional methods of clearing urinals and drains in ‘End of Trip’ locations (hair in showers). Watertight can unblock drains without having to use water or petrol jetter so it means that there are no issues with noise, fumes, or water wastage. Our tools and techniques can use pneumatic tools to unblock drains and urinals and it also stops us from having to pull urinals off the wall to clean out the drains. Kinetic Water Ramming uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through the water, or debris to break up blockage.

These tools are specifically used for metro buildings because there isn’t always access for a water jetter into a building and noise and fume restrictions can cause time delays and also require shut down permits; so all these issues are avoided using this tool, and this is why we use this specifically for Buildings in the inner cities and metro areas.

  • No shutdowns
  • No permits
  • No odour issues
  • Low Cost and Fast results

“As a business owner, I’m time poor, and Watertight was great in following me up to ensure my Zip filter was changed. Thank you Watertight.”

Debb, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Canterbury Bankstown Business Chamber Corporate Member

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