Nitro Pipe Freezing

What is Nitro freezing?

Watertight provide a 24/7 Pipe Freezing service across Sydney using Liquid Nitrogen so that pipe modifications can be made without having to shutdown water supply. Our technique stops the flow of water where no valves are available to shut off the water for repairs, inspections or emergency work. This is a safe and effective way to get your pipes fixed in no time at all.

Who can benefit from Nitro freezing?

Are you an NBN Contractor or Gas Contractor who has struck a house water service? Perhaps you need to work on a water service but cannot turn off the water supply? That is where Watertight Group can help you.

Safe and effective

A totally inert gas, Nitrogen makes up almost 80% of the air we breathe. Liquid Nitrogen is perfectly safe and simple to use when used correctly and safely by our trained and knowledgable technicians. Pipe freezing with Liquid Nitrogen enables virtually any size pipes, carrying various fluids, to be safely isolated in a very timely and cost efficient manner.

How does it work?

Our trained technicans create a pool around the pipe into which the Liquid Nitrogen is poured. The Liquid Nitrogen forms a frozen plug in the pipe. Once formed, it is capable of withholding pressures in excess of the pressure rating of the pipe itself. The plug is then maintained to allow pipework modifications to be undertaken with confidence. It is then defrosted and the system is returned to normal.

Nitro pipe freezing

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What can Nitro Pipe Freezing be used for?

  • faulty or leaky valves
  • corroded pipes and fittings, pin holes in copper or dripping faucets that need to be fixed
  • need to make alterations to pipe systems
  • installing new fixtures but do not have any shutoff valves
  • copper pipe that is corroded and needs to be replaced
  • need a reliable, quick alternative to draining the building
  • avoiding a complete system shutdown while making repairs
  • moving water meters
  • repairing broken pipe work – running over your water meter

Benefits of Nitro Freezing Pipework

  • Eliminate the need to refill and purge air from systems
  • Sustainability, no wastage of costly chemicals (heating and cooling)
  • No need to drain large quantities of water to the sewer
  • Avoid creating new leaks when re-pressurising the system
  • Quick repair time
  • Ability to accurately predict or completely eliminate system downtime
  • Save time, money and help the environment

What areas is Nitro Freezing available?

Watertight provide pipe freezing across Sydney including the CBD and Greater metropolitan area.

What size pipe can you freeze?

Watertight can isolate the system and the work can be completed quickly and safely, with minimal disruption. We can freeze pipes from 18mm to 50mm diameter.

Call 1300 745 758 for more information. Watertight Group can attend to these jobs as an emergency so just ask and we are happy to help.