Water leak detection, concealed leaks and excess water bills

Watertight Group’s highly experienced team use the latest precision locating equipment and technology for leak detection. This means we can easily identify and test for water pipe leaks and locate areas where any water is escaping from the system.

At Watertight Group we specialise in the location, marking and mapping underground utilities, using the latest in electromagnetic, acoustic, ground penetrating radar (GPR) and surveying technologies.

In addition to using standard utility locating equipment, our use of GPR, allows us to often find utilities which otherwise go undetected. If its underground pipe locating you need, then we have the expertise to identify the services your looking for. We can locate the exact position and depth of any underground service even if it’s under concrete!

Once we have identified the service we will provide you with the details of the location and mark the area where you need to excavate to gain access to that service. The major advantage of using this form of technology is that it removes the reliance for guess work and expensive exploratory work, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and minimising the impact on the environment.

How does the cable locator work?

Each cable transmits a different signal, and our advanced locators pick up those signals. These signals help identify the exact location and depth of an underground utility or cable. However, some lines do not give off a charge or transmit a signal such as drainage lines and in these cases, a transmitter can be used to induce a signal into the line (in conjunction with our CCTV camera), which allows the locator to pick up the signal.

Prevent major accidents, serious personal injuries and potentially expensive bills by locating these services correctly. Before performing any type of excavation it is highly recommended that an application to ‘Dial Before You Dig’ (DBYD) is requested because you must consider what lies beneath the surface as these services can be very expensive if you hit them! Once the location works are completed, we will provide to you a copy of the findings and a copy of the Dial Before You Dig notifications and plans for your records. We can also arrange additional locating information from utility providers like gas utilities to provide more accurate diagnosis.

Watertight Group is a recognised specialist in all areas of underground service locations and damage prevention of underground assets. Our service quality is recognised within the industry as being unparalleled with all works carried out in accordance with Australian Standards see AS5488/Standards page.

Leak Detection

Watertight provides an accurate, non-destructive leak detection service for all types of leaks. Specialist leak detection technology and techniques ensure we can pinpoint the exact location of water leaks in walls, under floors and under concrete slabs.

Watertight have a range of options to ensure we locate and repair the leak. Some of these are:

Acoustic listening device

We use acoustic listening devices to provide accurate positioning of all types of hidden leaks, including those found commonly in fire services, water distribution systems and hot and cold water systems.


Watertight provides a complete video inspection service enabling us to trace and pinpoint defect locations for survey references. We provide clients with detailed reports on an email link to you. For more information on our CCTV pipe inspections click here.

Concealed Leaks

Water leaks can be difficult to find and are often in places which are either hard to get to or difficult to trace the source. Leaks can often occur behind walls or under slabs, in sewer pipes or stormwater drains. This can be the result of a blocked drain, burst pipe or faulty plumbing fixtures. We call this a concealed leak as it is not obvious from general visual inspection. Often concealed leaks only become apparent when you get a nasty water bill!

How do I check for a concealed leak?

You can save money by checking for yourself to see if you have a concealed leak. Turn off all you water outlets and inspected the water meter to see it still ticking over. If it is you may have a concealed leak and should give us a call to attend and resolve. Concealed leaks can remain undetected for lengthy periods if you don’t monitor your water meter. Often they are not able to be detected without specialised equipment. Concealed leaks can be very costly. You can lose a few litres of water an hour from a slow dripping tap and thousands of litres a day from a constantly running toilet, not to mention potential damage to your property.

We at Watertight are the concealed leak specialists. We have the most sophisticated equipment to locate, detect and repair concealed leaks on your property.

Suffering bill shock?

Has your water bill just come through and it seems significantly higher than usual? Have you turned off all the water in your home and the meter is still running? You may have an excess water bill due to a concealed leak.

If the leak is from a hot water pipe or a pumped water supply, you’ll also be facing a significant energy cost. So that makes fast detection and repair even more important.

If you receive a letter from Sydney Water or your local water utility suggesting you have unusually high water usage, give us a call. In most cases where this has occurred, we can fix the problem for you and lodge a claim free of charge to Sydney Water or your local water utility with documentation of the leak requesting a rebate of up to $2,500 – we do not charge for this service. For helpful information on Sydney Water rebates and allowances on your bill click here.

So don’t delay rectification. It is important you demonstrate your diligence in resolving the leak. Watertight Group’s team will use the latest in leak detection equipment to quickly find the cause of your high water bills and promptly repair the cause of the problem.

As part of our corporate value of integrity, we will work to diagnose your issue in the shortest possible time and will keep you well informed of progress. On most occasions, we will be able to diagnose and fix the problem within a couple of hours on site. Where we can’t we will consult with you before incurring further costs. We are very precise in our locating work and ensure success on every project.

Watertight Group’s utility location and leak detection equipment combined with our highly experienced team proudly service the Sydney CBD, Greater Sydney areas, Illawarra region, ACT, Goulburn, Central Coast and other regional NSW areas. Get in touch with our team today or call 1300 745 758.