Watertight provide temporary water supply solutions to water asset owners, councils and contractors throughout NSW, ACT and SEQ.  We have provided these services for over 17 years.

Watertight install over 30km of temporary water pipes annually for:

  • one off services
  • entire streets and groups of streets when services are being transferred from one water supply to another via pipebursting, sliplining or conventional asset renewal by asset owners.

Watertight Group maintain the temporary water supply for the entire period a customer is on the temporary water supply and ensure that you have continuous potable water throughout the period of a watermain renewal or service replacement.  Watertight have a 24/7 on call service to ensure your supply is consistent and you have peace of mind that there is a qualified plumber at hand at all times to attend to any queries you may have.

Watertight Group only use the highest quality temporary pipe which meets Australian Standards.  We ensure that when we are finished on your job temporary water supply pipe is 100% recycled ensuring sustainable supply chain management from end to end and we reduce our impact on the environment and contributing to significant overall cost savings to your project.

Watertight Group are leading suppliers of temporary water supply for large utility customers like Icon Water in Canberra and Sydney Water in the Greater Sydney region.

Watertight Group manage temporary water systems for one off and large volume customers, we have quality documentation and fully digital documentation for your piece of mind.  Watertight Group follow strict control of electrical risk on metallic pipes standards when transferring your water service to ensure everyone is safe every day on site.  You can trust Watertight as a trusted partner for your next water main replacement project with your property, development, council or asset renewal program.


Andrew W, Property Manager