Sydney Strata Plumbing; Water Security For All

Watertight Group specialises in Sydney strata plumbing; we have highly specialised knowledge regarding the management for all types of strata and community structures across NSW. Each state has its own laws and regulations, and being locals, we understand our local quirks intimately.

What does Sydney strata plumbing involve, how do we do it and what do we promise?

  • We keep our appointments – we will be there when we say we will
  • We do not overcharge for our exceptional service
  • We enjoy partnering directly with Owners Corporations, Executive Committees as well as Strata Managers to achieve maintenance outcomes
  • We get a thorough understanding the building and the dynamics of its owners and work around users, customers, owners to ensure there is no disruption to business and down time
  • We listen and advise – we will not tell you what to do
  • Tailor packages to suit your building, not pushing what suits us; understanding and acting upon your specific needs

We apply the same principles in providing our services to your Strata Scheme that we use to run our own business. Acting ethically with the highest level of transparency. We pay careful attention to detail, respect the value of your dollar and applying expertise and understanding to what is required which can only be gained from years of experience.

As part of our Sydney strata plumbing service, we will also come up with new ideas. We offer a complimentary service to the strata companies we’re currently working with, where we go out to their clients (at no cost) and run a “plumbing audit” that saves money, gains every one an understanding of the level of current compliance and future needs. We can work reactively or create a program of maintenance specific to your needs and budget. Best of all, we will keep a record of any upcoming maintenance and notify you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will remind you when maintenance is due and co-ordinate an appropriate time to attend and complete. It’s so easy dealing with Watertight.

Typically, we find that there can be minor plumbing issues (leaks etc.) in the common areas that’s costing your clients thousands every year. We can identify these issues and quickly fix them (if minor), and on top of that we’ll let all your clients know that you sent us out there on your dime, to save them money.

For all enquiries regarding Strata, contact the Watertight Group today on 1300 745 758.