Plumbing Facilities Maintenance for the Health Sector

Watertight Group prides itself on its integrity and high ethical standards.

Our professional services, and qualified and dedicated staff will ensure we meet and exceed your expectations building trusted relationships at your organisation.

Watertight Group specialise in providing facilities maintenance services to:

  • Hospitals
  • Aged care and residential care facilities
  • Allied health professionals, private practice and medical centres.


Watertight Group have extensive experience in running complex maintenance programs across large sites with many thousands of users and multiple sites with single management streams. We can co-ordinate dedicated resources on your site and ensure direct interfacing with your asset management software. All works are completed on ipads and work orders are responded to in detailed work flow results with specific work history detailed.

Watertight Groups online Integrated Management System ensures we can specialise in provided dedicated services to ensure your legislative compliance:

  • Backflow and RPZ valve installation, testing and reporting (link)
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) installation and testing (link)
  • Hotwater Tempering Valve Installations (link)

We can GPS track all your valves when we complete our first check/ audit.

Our system then tracks when that valve requires retesting. We will ensure you don’t miss a test or any reporting requirements. We will take care of all specialist testing and reporting requirements for you. Any repairs will be completed on site and any new installations will be completed with your prior consultation and authorisation.

Watertight Group are competent and experienced in reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cycles. We identify maintenance trends in your facility ensuring resources are directed appropriately ensuring we maximise the value of facilities maintenance budget.

  • All Plumbers and Labourers have Police Checks
  • All Plumbers and Labourers have Working With Children Checks
  • All Plumbers and Labourers are certified for Asbestos Awareness

Trust Watertight Group with your hospitals plumbing needs. We can scale up to down to suit your service requirements. We will ensure we work around busy use times for patients and staff. We will ensure female staff as required to assist in works completion and we are sensitive and respect the health and privacy needs of patients. Work will be completed with the upmost care to your hospitals patients and visitors.

For more information, call Watertight Group today on 1300 745 758.