Plumbing Facilities Maintenance for the Government Sector

Watertight Group have extensive experience with Government and Sensitive Site clients. From utilities to rail to corporate sites we understand and respond to the needs of Government business and its service of the public. We offer an unrivalled range of Hydraulic and Specialist underground services to major water and utility companies, local authorities, government agencies, civil engineers and consultants.

Trust Watertight Group with your organisations plumbing needs. We can scale up to down to suit your service requirements. We will ensure we work around busy use times for your customers. We understand communications and community consultation requirements for Government contracts.

Watertight Group are competent and experienced in reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cycles. We identify maintenance trends in your facility ensuring resources are directed appropriately ensuring we maximise the value of facilities maintenance budget.

Solutions do not have to be expensive. Wateright Group comply to the highest external auditing standards. We are comfortable and experienced with all levels of external auditing and oversight to ensure services are delivered efficiently and transparently so clients can have confidence in value.

All vehicles are GPS tracked and all plumbing staff utilise iPads for their work so you will know where everyone is on site and what they are working on. We will work in complete transparency and unison with your facilities staff. We are flexible and ensure we are agile enough to meet your changing requirements based on current and future needs.

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